Greater Jonglei, Pibor communities to meet today

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The communities from greater Jonglei and Pibor are expected to meet the committee formed by the President Salva Kiir to investigate the ongoing inter-communal fighting to discuss root causes and ways of ending the conflict.

Last week President Salva Kiir issued an order constituting a 13 member committee to investigate the ongoing greater Jonglei communal fighting. The committee is headed by the VP for economic cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga with the former Presidential Military Advisor, Daniel Awet Akot as deputy.

The other members of the committee include Paul Mayom Akech, Minister of Interior and Daniel Abocha Ali the SPLM Youth League chairperson.

Daniel Abocha Ali, the spokesperson of the committee said in their first and second meetings the committee informed the communities in the greater Bor, Akobo and Pibor to select five representatives from each community so that the discussion on how to end the violence in the area start.

“The Committee has informed the following communities to select five representatives for the meeting, Bor South, Duk Padiet, Duk Payuel, Twic East, Uror, Akobo, Pibor, Fangak, Ayod, Pachalla, Giya, Pigi and Wurol areas,” said Ali.

He said the reason for the involvement of those communities representatives is to know exactly the root causes of the problem and how they can be addressed.

“Our aim is to make sure that the inter-communal fighting stopped and we come up with future plans of solving the issues among these communities.”

However, he call on the youth across the country to stop fighting in the community, saying that South Sudan is the only country that is given by God to the people of this country and it has no other spare part.

“We as youth of this country need to come to our really sense that our country, South Sudan has no spare part, if it has no spare part, we have to ask ourselves why are we destroying it? And if we destroy it where will we be at the end?” said Ali, the SPLM Youth League leader

According to him the committee was tasked to investigate the fighting and submit the findings to the President within 21 days.

Over the past days, there has been repeated cattle raiding, revenge attacks in greater Jonglei involving armed youth from greater Bor, Akobo and Pibor, claiming lives and displacing thousands of people.

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