Greater Jonglei governors set for peace conference

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Governors from the Greater Jonglei region will convene a peace related conference to curb child abduction, cattle raiding and innocent killings in Panyagor Town of Twic East County in Jonglei state early October.

Boma State Information Minister John Kaka told Juba Monitor on Friday that the conference is meant to boost relations within the five states.

He stated that the event will bring together all the five governors to discuss issues affecting their states.

The leaders will also embark on the search for possible solutions to their previously strained relations.

“It will bring together five governors of the Greater Jonglei states namely Jonglei, Boma, Akobo, Bieh and Fangak. They will put their heads together and come up with actual solutions to address challenging facing the sisterly states,” Kaka said

According to the Information Minister, the meeting will convene on the first week of October.

He said that the Boma Governor has welcomed the meeting since he has been committed to working for sustainable peace within the greater region.

“In fact, we are committed to whatsoever means bring peace to the Greater Jonglei. In December, Comrade Yau Yau launched a fight against criminals. He fought with the criminals and within its bodyguards, eight people were killed. Have you seen? He asked. And up to now, he is committed. So we the government of Boma welcomed the move to combat crimes within our five sisterly states,” he said

Kaka said that the though the rigid youth have always been causing insecurity, he said that the authorities were working hard to combat such acts.

“It is something which has not been agreed by the community. It is decided by the criminals. So we don’t give chance to the criminals. Whoever does negative activities, the law will always face him,” he said

Jonglei State Governor Maker Thiong Maal was in Boma state last week on the peace building mission to improve relations between the two sisterly states.

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