Greater Aweil students elect new leader

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Greater Aweil Students Association at the University of Juba has elected new chairperson.

The elected chairperson, Machar Aru Mou from the College of Management Science at the University promised to help the students from greater Aweil in addressing matters concerning them.

Speaking to Juba Monitor after winning the election, Machar Aru Mou said that he sacrificed himself to safe people of greater Aweil and the students association in case of any matter related to them.

“I am fully committed whatever outcome that I may face, I will be ready to address them right there. My supporters did the best to trust me and currently I have planned to provide photocopy machine in order to make processing of handouts easy,” said Mou.

“Also I have plan of paying tuition fees for vulnerable students including renovation of Aweil student’s hostel in Jebel plus security guard for maximum security in the hostel,” he added.

He added that his vision is to support final students in doing research because it is very expensive for the students.

He reveled that students were being suspended after failing to do the work given by the lecturers because they could not afford.

“For us greater Aweil, our  funding  is coming from  stakeholders in government as well as business people and those who are working with NGOs because there are some individuals within this  institutions who have good heart to support students,” said Mou. 

Mark Kur Deng Mayen, former Chairman of Greater Aweil Students Association said students achieved a lot especially in the area of sponsorship and graduation.  

“Since I took the office last year, our office has supported 29 students by paying tuition fees, when I compare my leadership with previous leadership, I think we are the best because we did a lot of things to students like paying students’ tuition fees and other things like medication,” Mayen said.

He added that during his leadership, most of the people appreciated them in the team.

He urged students to cooperate with the current leadership in order to balance academic affairs with the work of Association.

 “They should not focus only on academic affairs and leaving the activities that are needed in the association, that would not work,” Mayen said.  

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