Gratify your family

By Jovanto Aleu Garang

To gratify is to make someone happy or satisfied. But the question is are you a married partner, single or divorced? Do you really play your role in the family whether for your partner, children or any loving friend you ever had in life?

Please come back to your senses and find out the main reason why you are unstable in your courtship or marriage. By courtship, I mean the activities that occur when people are developing a romantic relationship that could lead to marriage.

Think why your partner keeps quiet when you are talking or arguing about a serious matter in life. Have you ever noticed one day or night that your partner despised your act?

A scientific research indicates that life of couple is not ever enjoyed lie in the past because of the revolution, industrially everyone wants to be famous hence, working twenty four hours without pausing, which makes many families lonely and feeling isolated.

Take for instance a boda-boda rider (a commercial motorist) who works day and night and comes back home late, tired and exhausted and immediately gets to bed and sleeps like a dead person!

I think today marriage has to be given another name that is fitting the situation.  God also wants you to work for Him as He said “multiply and fill the Earth.”

From this scriptural text, did God tell you to work for money? It is absolutely no! He created you freely. So do His work.

Have you ever fought or quarreled with your partner? Obviously you might quarrel, but one should keep quiet as a sign of respect. Thank God if you have never fought with your partner this means somehow you have got the best peaceful person in life. You are lucky if you get someone like that.

The unlucky ones are those who don’t have dowry or resources to marry. Just imagine how lonely they are in the world of married people. It is too painful! Keep the promises you made when you exchanged the rings saying, “I don’t regret for choosing you in my life, and I will hold your hand through in good or bad times.”

Continue telling one another “I love you more than my life.” Being a married couple is the main purpose why people are in this world. You have just started. Create strong friendship with your partner and you will never have a chaotic family. Never wish you were married to ex-boy friend or ex-girlfriend.

In fact transform your partner into a faithful person you admire. Discuss all your matters together as a husband and a wife. It is the best way of satisfying a partner. Don’t neglect, deny or undermine your partner.

When you Love a husband or a wife, this means that you want to raise up young ones who will inherit your family and culture in the future. Remember your children; they need your presence and guidance to become morally upright.

Some people who grew up with single parent always lack something in life though he/she might be successful in life and studies. Still they lack parental love. Kids also need the same love you were shown by your mother or father. The future of your children is in your hands.

How do you feel when you see other parents’ kids going to school while your children don’t? Mould them into a morally upright children and the future to this country. Leaving children to grow up anyhow without grooming them, spoil the generations of South Sudan.

Take good care of children. For example if the mother is away, the father should care for the needs of the kids.  The advice is, married couple must share good and bad times together and keep warm relations just as if it is the first time they are meeting.

The writer is reachable on: Email: jovantogarang@gmail.com, and mobile: +211955516694


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