A foot for thought

Graduation of unified forces is welcome

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The information released yesterday in the newspapers said that the graduation of unified forces expected this week is a positive step in the implementation of the peace agreement signed in 2018. This agreement has waited for a long time and leaders have reached an agreement and resolved their differences. It has not been easy to reach this point but there is time for every plan of action.

The people of South Sudan would be happy if they see the graduation is done and the security situation has improved. This step is to be taken seriously so that it opens ways for many things to be moved forward.

In this junction, the responsibility of maintaining peace is for all people of South Sudan. Not only government alone, it needs joining of hands, ideas and commitment in peace outstanding challenges.  Government should draw a timetable for activities that are going to be implemented.

 In this case, time management is very important to follow up the graduation process.

, For example, the Minister of Cabinet Affairs Dr.  Martin Lomoro said the graduation is expected this week, what were the items laid down as the process for graduation in the country? Otherwise, this week will pass and nothing is done.

We need to be very careful in releasing information to the public; they want to hear good talks always for peace and military forces.  The government is taking lead and others follow.

The responsibility of individuals is to have personal peace within them, for the reason that they are masters of themselves. I wish everything will move well in the coming days and a new chapter had been opened for real peace.

We need to act responsibly and eliminate what is bringing insecurity in the country. However, God is ahead of everything, we are doing because He is the master of all. Any mistake we do, God is seeing, and at the end people, we will be judged accordingly.  

Therefore, the international bodies and other organizations supporting peace in South Sudan should continue doing their work and guide the mechanism to be applied.

May God bless us all.


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