The implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan is critical for the successful transitioning from violence to peace. Transitional Security Arrangements constitute one of the central pillars of the peace agreement implementation. Among the key aspect of the chapter two on Transitional Security arrangements is the graduation and redeployment of the unified forces.

However, several times the graduation have been scheduled but declared canceled at the last minute from last year.

Now that the current status of the graduation is scheduled for next month, it should not be postponed this time around because security is paramount to everyone.

Once the forces are graduated it would also minimize defections from one part to another since they will all be treated equally they will have respect among themselves since it will be a country of one army.

Many bodies’ and organizations in the region and at the international scene have been calling for the speedy graduation of forces but nothing has been done.   Next month’s the graduation and redeployment of the unified forces should not be postpone again.

The delay in graduating and redeploying the unified forces is really a contributing factor that is sharply making citizens to lose trust and confidence on the genuine political transitioning in in the country.

The unity government should take responsibility of sorting out issues associated with the delay of graduation and redeployment. This is a vital process for political transition from violence to peace in the country which should be supported by all players irrespective of their political alignments and to ensure that a common goal was in play to cement the peace process for the good of the country. Those with the task of implementation should not take the public for a ride, but do what they are mandated to do.

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