Graduates call on state leaders to cooperate

Aweil graduates’ Association in Juba has called on the Revitalized state government of Northern Bahr El Ghazal to cooperate in delivering services to citizens irrespective of their parties.

In an interview with the Juba Monitor, Achien Garang Bol the spokesperson for Aweil Graduates’Association stated that the problem wasin the appointment of the county directors in the Ministry of Health.

According to Mr. Bol, the Minster and the Director General (DG) in the Ministry of Health have been running the Ministry without conformity to R-ARCSS.

Mr. Garang mentioned that the Minster of Health and the Director General in the Ministry of Health appointed different directors in the same county and to the same positions, something that caused misunderstanding among the officials.

“In AweilWest County, two different directors turned up for the same position of health as they were appointed by the Minster of Health and the director general in the Ministry of Health,” Garang said.

He called on the officials to place the interest of the citizens first rather than opposing themselves by appointing directors without consulting one another as one state government.

Mr. Garangrequested the governors and state officials from other states to place the interest of the people living in the state first rather than working with interest of their different parties.

“Aweil Graduates’Association as an intellectual forum is concerned because the people involved in the misunderstanding are our people and we need solutions to address the problem,”Garang said.

He urged the people in Aweil to work together with the governor and the state officials in addressing the misunderstanding.

Mr. Garang called on the National government to intervene and look into that misunderstanding in order to increase efficiency of the state officers in terms of service delivery.

In the letter seen by the Juba Monitor, Aweil Graduate’s Association urged governor Tong Akeen Ngor and the Ministers as well as the commissioners to fully cooperate as citizens and leaders of Aweil not as SPLM-IG, SPLM IO, SSOA, FDS or OPP.

“This parties have chosen representatives just to head the departments but not to oppose each other,” the statement read.

“Therefore, parties should put their differences aside and join hand together for the sake of developing Northern Bahr El Ghazal state,” the document stated.

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