People are dying every day because of unknown gunmen who rob innocent civilians of their properties and kill because of cattle and land. It is therefore surprising to learn that there are no guns. If security can collect guns from unauthorized people and give them to trained soldiers, it would be a great step and commitment towards peace.

In the past reports, some two statements caught public attention which were all about the training of the soldiers. Pressure is being mounted on the leaders concerned to make sure the training of the soldiers is done on time as the time for general elections is closer. Without unified National army, the country would not smoothly prepare for elections. Having a trained army means there will be recognized forces at a particular locations and no armed men or women would loiter anyhow with firearms around the towns where civilians are living.

Why should it be that soldiers in the training fields are not ready for graduations because there are not guns. Others thought graduation could be done with guns, but what is an army without weapons?  A national army’s role is to defend the country from foreign enemies by protecting borders, they are to protect lives of civilians. 

Some weeks ago, there was a statement that the weapons (guns) collected from civilians should be burned. It is true that civilians are more armed than soldiers but the question is where do they get guns? They buy in exchange with what? Or there are some people supplying them to kill themselves?

The other statement says that the solders being trained are not having guns and with this condition the road to election may not be easy. The questions on the minds of citizens is that why don’t leaders tell the peace Monitors, the IGAD, AU and UN Security Council to lobby for lifting of sanctions so that the government may be able to buy or import weapons for the soldiers in the training sites? Instead of collecting guns and burning them, why can’t they be given to them?

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