Gov’turgedto protect press freedom

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Association for Media Development in South Sudan [AMDISS] is calling on the government to protect press freedom and end censorship in the media houses.

Ms. Mary Ajith, the Chairperson of AMDISS said there is need for government to protect press freedom and end news censorship.

Her statement came after last week’s launching of code of conduct for the practice of journalism as regulatory law in the country. The document was initiated by South Sudan Media Authority in collaboration with its partners to guide media practitioners and improve media work in the country.

While addressing the occasion, Mary Ajith mentioned that in most cases, National security was accused of removing news articles published in the newspapers, which journalists viewed as a violation of their constitutional rights to disseminate information to the public.

“My appeal is that from today onward is to see with the existence of the code of conduct that no article is removed from the newspapers,” Ms. Ajith stated.

“We want to see that there is no journalist that is oppressed anymore with the   presence of law, oppressions are what we run away from Sudan and we cannot be oppressed again in our own country,” Ms. Ajith impulse.

She further called on the journalists to report responsibly and follow the code of conduct for practice of journalism to avoid inconvenience.

“With these we believe that journalists and media houses know that there is presence of code of conduct, if there is something wrong with an article, take it to media authority, the process will be done until it reaches court of law if needed,” Ms. Ajith cited.

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