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Gov’timposes curfew in Yambio

Baraka John

The authorities in western Equatoria state imposed what it termed as ‘dust to dawn curfew’ in Yambio County with the aim of maintaining order in the town.

The dust to dawn curfew banned movement of any unauthorized person carrying gun beginning from 3pm to 6am. It also stated that markets, shops, clubs, disco places and commercial motor riders must sto poperating from 8:00 pm. 

“This order may be cited to as state order no 17/2021 for the imposition of curfew in Yambio town as from 3:00pm to 6:00 am, any unauthorized person found carrying gun between this time, will be arrested and investigated”,reads the state local order.

The dust to dawn curfew came in the wake of increasing targeted night attacks and killings in Yambio County. The attacks in Yambio mostly targeted key government dignitaries and common civilians.

The cause of the increasing insecurity in Yambio County that led to great fear was not clear.

Members of business community in Yambio had mixed reactions with others saying the order would affect their businesses because they operated up to 10pm and sometimes to 11pm.

“We normally stop our bodaboda work at 10 pm because there are people who move at that time and they may need bodaboda, so, with this, I think it will affect our business and will also affect the movement of people who move at 10 pm”, John Peter a bodaboda rider stated.

Amjuma a vender at Masia market described the move to ban night movement a good one, saying it would contain the rising insecurity in Yambio County.

“I know some of us are against the order, but the fact is, we are seeing unauthorized persons carrying guns in our midst, so by introducing this measure, we shall observe relative peace in Yambio”,Amujuma said.

Last month, a joint patrol team was deployed in major zones of Yambio municipality in response to night targeted attacks and killings. The patrol team was made of five organized forces present in the state with their mandate to arrest any person found moving at late hours and those carrying weapons.

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