Gov’tassured diplomats, no going back to war

By William Madouk Garang

The government yesterday reaffirmed its commitment to peace implementation and called on holdout groups to join the peace process now for the future welfare of the country.

Briefing the diplomats accredited to South Sudan on the current affairs of the country, the undersecretary of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MayenDutflanked by the minister of Cabinet Affairs, Martin EliaLomuro, and presidential Security Advisor, Tut Gatluak said the leadership wanted the country to be peaceful.

He told the envoys “No matter what, the country will not go back to war” and urged all the diplomats to relay the message to their respective heads of state to help the country in the implementation of the peace process.

In his speech, the Minister of Cabinet Affair, Lomuroassured the diplomats that the country would not go back to war adding that they had reached censuses on sharing of command structures which had delayed the graduation of forces.

 “We are hereby following the directive of the president to comfort you and to assure you that South Sudan is not going back to war and that we need your help, and assistance. We need your cooperation to report to your capitals in that manner so that we can attract more sympathy to help us in the implementation of the process,” Lomuro noted.

“We want to inform you that this country is not going back to war I think is something we all can guarantee and we are managing the forces we have divided the command structure at the ratio 60: 40,” he added.

Mr. Gatluak the Presidential Advisor for Security Affairs urged all the ambassadors of Sudan accredited to foreign countries to preach the peace progression as well and reached out to a holdout group to join peace.

“We urge our diplomats, ambassadors, and ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out their diplomatic roles and explain to other countries the step taken in implementing the peace agreement,” Gatluak instructed. 

“We also want to take this opportunity as a government to call on our brothers who have not yet joined the agreement to actually join the peace agreement for peace and security to prevail and attain prosperity, he added.

Last Sunday, the government and opposition finally struck a deal on army command structure at 60:40 ratios respectively. The ratio had been a headache and a deadlock for the parties and delayed the graduation of necessary unified forces.

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