Gov’t warns traders over increase of prices

By: Kabaka Quintous

The Director General of Commerce and Industry in Torit State has warned business community in the state to stand against unnecessary increase of prices in the market.

Mr. Stephen Ihude Oduho said that some locally produced food items in the state were not fit to be charged at expensive and high prices.

Last week, Residents in Torit town complained about skyrocketing market prices which makes the natives’ life difficult for the common poor in the town

But in an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor over the weekend Oduho said that the indigenous were right to complain for such increase in prices.

“We are even sometimes responsible for our own problems. As our own people are crying about the expensive prices in the market, have you asked whoever is selling anything there on why have they increased while they don’t export from outside,” he said.

 “These are just produced local here, no transport cost, and no rental on them. Then why are we overcharging our people,” he said.

Oduho calls on business owners to be fair in making profit.

He urges them to bring in more goods to avoid stock scarcity in the market.

“So let them be fair we don’t stop them from making profit but this should be normal profit which your there for they are there for to make those profit but they should be normal not exploiting, exploitative not sustainable completely considering the population that is it Two we also wanted them let them of course try their best plan bring more supply especially this time now the roads are still good we are going to dry season, make enough stocking”, he explains.

Director Ihude applauds business communities for bearing the economic hardship and insecurity along roads.

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