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Gov’t urges citizens to apply law on Toronto boys

By Bida Elly David

The government urged the citizens not to take the law against Toronto boys into their hands by beating and flogging them to death.

In a phone interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, the National Police Spokesperson Brig Gen. Daniel Justine has urged South Sudan Citizens to apply the law against Toronto boys and refrain viciously punishing them before investigation is carried out.

‘’Citizens are not obliged to beat, flog and kill any Toronto boy upon illegal activities in the city rather, they are mandated to report such cases to the nearest police station for investigation to be carried out’’ He said.

Furthermore, Justine said that initially the Toronto boys wereto be treated through community policing involving the society and the communities in all the residential areas.

‘’Initially Toronto activities are treated through community policing that involves the society, community and the police department at large in all residential areas’’ He added.

Justine said that they had formed what they called ‘police-community relationship committee’ in all residential areas chaired by the chiefs bringing in police commander in the area, youth and women to create awareness and oversee security issues and criminal activities.

‘’We have formed a police community committee that brings in youth, women, police commander in the area to oversee security issues such as crimes conducted by such boys in the areas. The committee is headed by the area chiefs’’ He pointed out.

However, he reiterated that on Thursday, the police would establish a new strategy towards crimes done by the Toronto boys in the town with a keen aim of implementation.

Justine pointed out that, a complete strategy would be held involving the judiciary to partake in the implementation of the new strategy.

He lamented that areas of Toronto activities have been identified, and forces, especially the Criminal Department (CID) have been deployed in all sectors to ensure that such matters are addressed.

He urged the citizens to take quick response measures to inform the police timely on matters through the emergency number 112 for referral.

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