Gov’t urged to support regional youth politics

By Yiep Joseph

The national government has been urged by National Youth Union to support them in the African regional politics and beyond.

This development came during the fourth extra ordinary Pan African youth union congress that took place in Niamy Niger attended by Gola Boyoi Gola the chairperson of South Sudan National Youth Union.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Gola appealed to the government to support regional youth politics in order to expose the them to the continent and the international arena.

In the conference in Niger, Gola wanted to contest for the position of one of the five regional Vice Presidents for Pan African Youth Union but due to non-payment of membership fees of about 6,000 USD, he was disqualified to contest and only allowed to vote.

His desire to contest in one of the continental youth union was shirked because South Sudan did not pay the required membership fees.  

According to earlier statement posted on the official page of Youth Union on 17th November 2021 seen by Juba Monitor, the national Youth union Chairperson Gola Boyoi Gola expressed lack of support from government towards youth politics in the region.

He revealed that the Union faced a lot of challenges among the regional youth bodies who gathered for the conference.

“South Sudan did not make it to win any portfolio due to lack of necessary support and hopefully next time it will be better than this round, South Sudan National Youth Union did not pay its membership fees or has sufficient money for campaign like other countries in the conference” the statement read. 

According to the reliable sources, the congress ended with subsequent election for new leadership for Pan African Youths.

Moumouni Dialla from Burkina Faso emerged as the President of the Union, Amb. Sukubo Saraigbe from Nigeria became Vice President for West African Region, Motesi Olivia from Uganda as Vice president for East African region, Bora Kamwanya Vice president for Diaspora, Ahmed Bening from Ghana as Secretary General of the Union and Roy Sasaka from Kenya as Deputy Secretary General for East African region.

The Pan African Youth Union is the apex body for the National Youth coordinating Bodies and Mechanism in the continent that deals with the welfare of youths.

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