Gov’t urged to resolve disputes in the Ministry of Health

By Yiep Joseph

Citizens in the country have urged the National Government and the Parties to the Agreement to immediately resolve the current disputes in the Ministry of Health in order to rescue lives in various health facilities.

The disputes in the Ministry of Health started when the undersecretary restructured the management of Juba Teaching Hospital and reassigned seven director generals and directors as per the vice president letter and directives.A move that resulted to the suspension of the undersecretary by the National Minister of Health.

It was alleged that the government has formed a committee to bring the disputes to an end.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Dr Isaac Ayii Executive Director of Juba Institutes of Health Sciences narrated the negative impacts of the disputes on the citizens and the need for quick resolution to save lives of the people.

“When there are disputes between top officials in the sensitive Ministry like the Ministry of Health, citizens are the one to suffer” Ayii complained.

He added that disputes could divide Health Officials into groups, those supporting Minister and those with undersecretary making it hard for the work to run smoothly. 

“The issue between the Minister and the Undersecretary is a problem that needs to be immediately handled since it has created confusion” he said.

He mentioned that the disputes had affected most of the health sector in the country including the Non-Governmental Organizations.

“Whether you are working for private or NGO, it will affect because we have one leadership. It is the Ministry of Health that is responsible for health activities in the country and if there is problem in the Ministry there is problem everywhere and that is why we are concerned,” he explained.

“The ongoing disputes between the Minister and undersecretary plus the Vice presidents affects everybody in the country it does not discriminate whether you are government or private, in town or village. it affects because the NGOs also get approval from the Ministry,” he added.

He revealed that due to the dispute, public hospitals which are mostly used by the public are directly affected and there is need for quick intervention from the parties.

He urged the parties to the Agreement to politically resolve the dispute.

“It is apolitical dispute that need the parties to sit down and reach positive conclusion in order to reduce the suffering of the public,” he cautioned.

He urged the government not to ignore the disputes, citing that health issues were sensitive and there was need to solve them on time.

Meanwhile, Mary Apia Matiko, one of the patients complained that most the officials on duty in Juba Teaching Hospital were reluctant in doing their work.

She added that sometimes there was no one in the office if a patient needed help immediately and it was hard to see officials on time in the hospital and may be the reason was the disputes.

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