Gov’t urged to reduce trade barriers

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The  newly elected  Chairperson of South Sudan Clearing Freight and Forwarding Association have called upon the government to reduce trade barriers on the road.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Chairperson of South Sudan Freight clearing and Forwarding Association Deng Daniel Ayuen said that the trade barriers on the Nimule to Juba road are the causes of delay for goods delivery.

“when goods delay to reach their final destinations because of the many introduced trade barriers on the road is not good,  once goods have been cleared from Nimule, they should reach Juba as soon as possible”, said Deng.

He added that once goods have been cleared from Nimule, they should not delay on the road. There are several check points on the Nimule-Juba High way as witnessed by the reporter which would be the cause of delay for goods reaching on time.

He revealed that several times owners of good blame the clearing and forwarding agents for delay of their goods, while not knowing that the delay comes from the trade barriers on the road.

 “from Nimule to Juba, there should be only Nesitu as the final check point for goods destined to Juba so as to ensure quick delivery of goods to the consumers”, said Deng.

South Sudan is a land locked Country and majority of what it consumes comes through the Nimule to Juba.

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