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Gov’t urged to ratify UN convention on Rights of the Disabled

By Morris Dogga

The persons with disabilities have urged the Transition Government of National Unity (TGoNU) to ratify the United Nations convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to put to an end all forms of discriminations against them.

The disabled made the statement during a dialogue between the government and peoplewith disabilities on Monday.

The persons with disabilitieshave complained of being neglected saying they sometimes fall victims not because they are wrong but because they do not have the opportunity to defend their rights.

They said sometimes they miss out information especially from the public broadcasting corporation SSBC because there is no interpreter.

They stated that they find it challenging to access government institutions such like the hospital, the police, the Judiciary and prisons because of the barrier of communication.

“We are calling on the government to provide sign language speakers in such institutions so that we can express ourselves,” the disabled said.

Scopas Taban Lokabang, a member of parliament representing the persons with disabilitiessaid members of parliament havealready passed the UN conventionon people with disabilities and is nowawaiting endorsement by the President.

Lokobangsaid in the disputed 2008 general census, there were over 400,000 persons with disabilities living in the country.

For his part,Hon. Michael Allah-Jabuhas confirmed that Juba city council initiated a bill that will exempt the people with disabilities and students from paying transport fares.

He said that all drivers of public transport have accepted the proposal, which he said once passed it will benefit the disabled.



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