Gov’t urged to put strong policies on alcohol consumption

By Yiep Joseph

A group of women from Juba Nabari has urged the government to impose strong policies on Alcohol consumption in the country.

Speaking during the training held in Juba Nabari on Thursday, the women decried the rampant consumption of alcohol in the country that result to negative effects on young people.

Cecilia Idris Olwar, the Chairperson for Juba Nabari West Quarter council said that policies could help because most of the children have dropped out of schools and others have become harsh to their parents due to the influence of alcohol and drugs.

“Our children are spoiled, they are no longer listening to our advises, they are always harsh when we talk to them and this is because they take alcohol and we need government to help us to put strong policies to control alcohol consumption,” Olwar lamented.

She called on the women to shun from some of the businesses that involve alcohol and drugs citing that they were dangerous to peoples’ health.

Olwar added that alcohol also spoiled men, leaders and women who were supposed to be responsible for family affairs and the country at large.

She called on the government to empower women by giving them capital to start healthy small businesses for them to continue supporting their families because some of them were the sole bread winners.

“Some of us lost husbands during the war and now there is Covid-19. women are now suffering, most of the roads are closed for one to travel and do farming, so let us be serious and help our families such that our children can get food because they will not become robbers or thieves on the streets,” she stressed.

She called on women to be strong, take responsibility and take their children to schools in order to become better people in the country.

She cited examples of businesses that women could do from home to generate money which included selling charcoal, water and among others stating that these businesses do not required huge capital to get started.

Flora Oliver Mogga, one of the participants during the training added that the negative impacts of alcohol were more on children than the Adults.

“Alcohol has more negative effects on our children than the adults, most of them have grown wild and there is need for government to put restrictions on alcohol consumption,” Mogga said.

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