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Gov’t urged to observe human rights

The Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization [CEPO], Edmund Yakani said for the National Dialogue to succeed, respect of all human rights such as right to expression should be taken seriously by the government.

“Government should respect all the rights of those who will be participating in the National Dialogue such as freedom of speech and expression. Whatever a person airs out should not put his or her life at risk because there will be no any success if someone does not speak out the mind,” Yakani told Juba Monitor.

“We are urging our government as long as the National Dialogue starts government should open the door to hear several views and opinions,” he added.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview, Yakani stressed that the National Dialogue should at least have permanent ceasefire saying having National Dialogue while guns shots are still being heard doesn’t help anybody because other people will take the advantage.

He added that ceasefire that was declared by President Kiir should be respected and taken seriously by the army in the frontline which he said the rebels should also apply the same.

“We are urging opposition forces and the government to have an alternative to engage in terms of National Dialogue because it is required that the opponents should speak to each other. Any restriction will challenge the National Dialogue,” Yakani said.

On Monday during the swearing in ceremony of about 111 members of the Steering Committee, President Salva Kiir said all South Sudanese were welcomed to participate in the National Dialogue process except Dr. Riek Machar.

Kiir said Dr. Riek Machar could only delegate some representatives to represent him and the opposition forces in the National Dialogue.

By Kidega Livingstone

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