Gov’t urged to move prioritized developmental agenda

By John Agok

The government has been asked by activists to move away from donor’s dependence and align its national priorities in financing both resilient and developmental projects.

This is in a bid to seek ownership and strike a balance in allocating transferring funds between Humanitarians development and peace programs.

Civil Society activists have questioned lack of government budget priority amid calamities caused by climate change and man-made crisis in the Country.

The activists revealed their frustrations during Consultation Workshop under Common Country Assessment analysis with Donors, government and stakeholders towards Realization of Peace, Recovery, Resilience and development in South Sudan. 

These Activists set to discuss a session on Development Context, Challenges, Priorities and Solutions in South Sudan included Lorna Merekaje the Secretary for South Sudan Democratic Engagement and Angelina Nyanjima, Director, Hope Restoration (National NGO)

They jointly criticized the government for not setting budget priorities on Country‘s calamities brought by Climate Change and violence affected victims.

“We are not seeing any government strategic plans for year 2023 -2025, although we have seen the budget being recently passed. We neither see government budget priorities allocated to floods-affected since 80% people are currently living under the water. The number of IDPs are cropping up in POC sites and other fleeing to neighboring countries seek asylum”, they said.

Activists underlined the lack of attention from the government of the day and wondered why people are subjected to this chronic dire-situation and yet the Country is endowed with enormous wealth apart from Oil dependency.

“We are oil rich Country and with other enormous wealth, but yet our people are subjected to this dire-situation. Government should have taken   the lead in funding resilience and developmental projects, then relying on donors-funding fulltime”, they added.

Nevertheless, Pia Philips the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Peace-Building highlighted on thematic areas donors should collaborate and strengthen both government institutions and Civil Society Organization as well.

“We need to collaborate as partners to address the sustainable livelihoods. We need to converge efforts in engaging youth and women for their economic empowerment if we talking about recovery, resilience and development in South Sudan. Our donors and partners should not only work with CSO alone, they should involve government”, he said.

The Consultation Workshop was organized by United Nations Sustainability Development Cooperation Framework(UNSDCF) in Collaboration with Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. 

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