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Gov’t urged to leave fuel supply to private sector

By Opio Jackson
The Chairman of Republican People’s Party (RPP) has rejected the call by the Minister of Finance Stephen Dhieu Dau for the elimination of fuel subsidies.
Last week on Thursday, Dau said the government’s fuel subsidies must be eliminated or reduced due to what he described as “killing the private sector and wasting public resources.”
In an exclusive interview on Sunday, Wol Madut Aluack Reec said it was “unwise statement” by the Finance Minister to demand for the fuel subsidies to be scraped off.
The politician challenged the government to surrender the business to the private sector if it sees that it was making losses in importing fuel.
He said despite lack of skills in leadership, there are some people in the country who wants to learn how to rule on people. “The government decided to take the responsibility of importing fuel without studying what impact it would have in the future.”
He said the failure of Nile Commercial Bank and Nile Commission was enough to teach the government that it is not capable to run any business saying the Nilepet will go the same way.
Reec said the decision by the government to get involved in fuel importation was not right as almost all the private sectors are vanishing in the country due to inadequate fuel supply.
Reec reiterated that before there was petroleum stations association that was doing very well, though it was getting only two million US dollars per month for fuel supply from the government compared to the 0ne hundred and eighty-three million US dollars that is currently being given to the Nilepet.
“There is nowhere in the world where the government would want to act as a public and private sector at the same time,” he said.
“The responsibility of the government is to provide services to the citizens, but not to make profit. So the government has realized that it is making no profits and now it wants to eliminate fuel subsidies,” Reec said.
He also cautioned if the government goes ahead to eliminate the fuel subsidies the situation would be worse than before as it will result to skyrocketing prices in the market including public transport fares.
Earlier, the parliament turned down the proposal by the executive to scrap off fuel subsidies to save money for the inflating budget gap.

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