Gov’t urged to invest more in Music industry

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Female singer Tvavy De Tablet said the government should invest more in developing the music industry since music contributes to peace building in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday about her latest song “Not face book lover,” she said the government should ensure that private media outlets focus on promoting south Sudanese music.

“The government should establish more competitions in the music industry, open more TV stations, set strict rules to make sure the private media houses focus on South Sudanese music,” she said.

“Music has no tribe, religion and nationality,” she said.  “Music is universal for everyone and in this time of National Dialogue the government should include the artists in their planning,” said Tvavy.

The singer added that the only government Television station in the country is not enough.

Tvavy further explained that the power of music industry in promoting peace, unity and love is felt each time people come for music concerts.

“When music fans come for music concert, there is no this one is from Dinka, Nuer, Equotaria,” she said. “All dance and enjoy the moments as South Sudanese and this is the development that the government needs to focus on,” said Tvavy.

Her song “Not facebook love” speaks about facebook or online love which materializes into real love. In the song, she urged lovers who date online to take it serious.

“Many people have got married to their facebook lovers, it all depends on how committed someone is, if you are serious, the online love can be the love of your lifetime,” Tvavy told Juba Monitor.

The singer gave examples of lost boys and girls who have married their online lovers.

Tvavy De Tablet’s real names are Nyabouny Tut Jock. She is just over one year in the music industry but already has hits like “insane,” “Niko ready,” “never let you go,” and others.





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