Gov’t urged to intervene in Jonglei cattle raid violence

By Wek Atak Kacjang

South Sudan National Youth Union has called on the national government to intervene and put an end to violence related to cattle raiding among armed youths.

Last week, two armed groups of youths from different communities logged horns in intense violence after a disagreement ensued over the ownership of cattle.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday in an exclusive interview, Tarir Makoi Ateer, National Youth spokesperson said  the  lack of State governor have really caused security concern in so many places, particularly Jonglei.

 “The caretakers have been seen like they don’t take care of the people because lack of State governors in those states is really causing an alarm. We want the government of national unity to intervene,” he said.

He added that the Union is calling on the government to take necessary measures to address the chronic crisis that has been a cause of conflict in most many parts of the country.

 “As Youth Union we have already formed committees to go Greater Pibor and also Jonglei where people have been affected by this case. We call on the youths from both two communities to desist from taking law into their hands,” he added.

He revealed that the union acknowledged the condemnation made by the presidency but reiterates practical measures to be taken because the situation requires more than a condemnation but urgent intervention from the government.

The union has urged the government in order to intervene because the situation underground was worsening, a lot of people have been displaced, and some of the people are even heading to Ethiopia and Eastern Equatoria. 

The Union is also calling upon the relief agencies UNMISS and other UN agencies to provide humanitarian needs to the affected population.

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