Gov’t urged to improve health sector

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

The Nimule Artists’ Union (NAU) has urged the government to improve the health sector in the country. Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday from Nimule, the acting chairperson of NAU Mr. Batal James whose stage name is 13 Batalian said singer Trisha C who was knocked by a water tank driver this week died because of poor health services and lack of blood in the hospital.

“Our sister’s life was delayed in our government referral hospital because they did not have blood to help her life, it’s so painful and if the government does not improve the health sector, not only youths but the citizens will keep on losing their lives,” Batal said.

According to Mr. Batal,health workers have neglected their duty because of low pay by the government.

“There is no professional doctor who would wish to work for free, they choose places where they can earn good money and support their family,” Batal stressed.

He said women, children and the wounded remain particularly vulnerable because of lack of quality health care services in the country.

“The government is not putting any effort in doing anything to improve health services since the health sector was affected during the civil war,” he explained.  “Our own government hospitals lack virtually everything, including diagnostic equipment, which the government should be able to purchase with the kind of resources we have in the country.”

The chairperson appealed to the youths to keep calm as the government responds to their demonstration which was held in Juba on Monday.

“My advice to my fellow youths and the artists is that we should not take the law into our hands but wait for their responds, if they fail then we shall again come back to the streets until our voices are heard,” he disclosed.

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