Gov’t urged to expedite Boda Boda registration process

Boda Boda riders

By Lodu William Odiya

The Boda Boda registration committee in Juba has yesterday urged the local government to expedite the registration of the Boda Boda association in order to carry out free and fair election of a new chairperson of the association

According to a source who preferred to remain anonymous, said that the registration process would have started but there were delays from the committee that was formed by the minister of local government.

“We need to expedite the registration so that we go for an election. We are not against everyone but the move that the current chairperson is taking, because he is torturing us. Imagine the registration for a private motorcycle cost 10,000 SSP but we don’t know where this money is exactly going. As one of the elected committees we don’t know whether the money is going to the government or to the office of the mayor”, he said.

He affirmed that among the elected committee to facilitate the registration process but they were facing difficulties because their colleagues who are operating Boda Boda business were usually asking what the committee were doing.

“Since we are not active, the Boda Boda association might think that we have joint another group but that is not their aspiration. We as the Boda Boda group, we need each and every riders to ride freely without harassment and intimidation from the proclaimed association formed by the current chairperson”, he added.

He urged the boda boda riders not to engage in any kind of demonstration to avoid arrest by the police.

“We need this issue to be expedited because the youth are so furious outside here. We don’t want any demonstration to happen because when it happened, we the leaders will be in problem ‘, he said.

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