Gov’t urged to establish more schools for disabled persons

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Active Youth Agency (AYA) urged the government to extend schools for the persons with disabilities to the states level.

Active Youth Agency Protection Manager, John Bol Yorama said that in most cases, better schools and education system for the persons with disabilities are in Juba which is the capital city of the country.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday Yorama said that in Juba there are many schools specifically for the people with disabilities for those who cannot see and those who cannot listen and people with other problems.

“I think there is need to extend the same thing to all the 32 states of South Sudan so that people with disabilities from the states can enjoy the education that their colleagues are enjoying in the country,” said Yorama.

He said extending special education to the people with disabilities in all states would help disable people to have access to education.

So I am here urging the government through its partners, NGOs and the private sector to extend education to the disabled at states level.

He said there are many investors who want to improve the education sector but insecurity has not allowed them to do so.

Yorama added that, the only way for those things to happen is to improve the security of the country in order to have free learning environment and permanent security.

“If peace is positively implemented, it will impact positively on the communities, it will be easy for our children who have joined the gang groups in various parts of the country to leave their activities and go back to school,” he said.

He said education is the right of everyone and should be in free learning environment.

“My biggest and confidential message to government is that our government needs to build confidence and trust in communities including humanitarian workers,” he said.

However, he appealed to government and other parties to continue to implement the current peace agreement positively so that humanitarian organizations can be able to access the vulnerable communities especially women, the elderly, children and people with disabilities to access services.

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