Gov’t urged to be realistic in awarding contracts

By Atimaku Joan

The Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement for Central Equatoria State Moro Isaac Jenesio has urged the national government to be realistic on howto award contracts to companies.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday in Mangalla,Minister Jenesio said that it would be better for the government to give out contracts to those who would be able to give back to the communities.

“The government should be realistic in awarding contracts, at least all the contracts that have been given out to business people should be given to those who shall give back to the community in terms of aids,” said Jenesio.

He added that developing the country was a collective responsibilityof the citizens arguing contracts should not be awarded to people who may not be willing to give back.

Minister Jenesio also appreciated the work of the Africa Resource Company (ARC) stating that it was one of the indigenous companies that was providing direct services to the community.

He said that most of the companies that had been given contracts ran away because they were very sensitive concerning issues relating to security which were actual rumors.

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