Gov’t urged to alleviate effects of Covid-19 on Disabled

By Mamer Abraham

A member of Union of Physical Disabled (UPD), Alfred Nimeri has urged the government to alleviate the effects of Covid-19 by helping the needy.

Nimeri who operates a telephone charging center in Custom said that the fear of covid-19 had disorganized his business and life became difficult for him.

In a separate statement, he said that food prices had skyrocketed and was unable to afford to feed his six month old baby and other children who haven’t gone to school since March, 2020 due to lack of school fees. He said that if not for Ustra-tuna Hospital near Mobil roundabout, his family could not had afforded medical services.

“It is only surviving through work. Sometimes I can get SSP 1000 or SSP 1500 from charging which cannot pay food, water, baby powder and milk for the baby. Our government should not use dollar, let them use our currency,” he explained.

He further maintained that before Covid-19 many people had been bringing many phones for charging but now the government power has made them to charge in their homes. “Sometimes, I am getting ten people, sometimes eight people, sometimes seven people and this one does not help me at all,” he said.

Alfred Nimeri also revealed that he is the only source of income to his family. He feared of allowing his wife to go and work because he is a disabled, people may set them apart due to his disability.

He called the government to drop the taxes charged on people with disabilities. He appreciated Achai Wiir for her charity work of not supporting one tribe and said that the government should give service to disables.

He further advised the disables not to lose hope by saying, “My message to them, let them not lose hope. If chased from home, let them give their lives to God, God might touch one person to take care of them. Let them also try to change their minds and try to do something. If possible, they can just do repairing shoes, sewing sandals and polishing shoes and that one is better than begging money. Bible says somebody who doesn’t work should not eat.”

He urged the public to apply the Covid-19 safety measures like hand washing, use of face masks and sanitizers.

According to Alfred Nimeri, he was poisoned at a tender age by a neighbor, a move which caused his disability. His father took his siblings to school and refused to educate him because his disability would be a burden while carrying him to school.

He got married in 2010 and was asked to pay a fine for impregnating a girl. A friend of his (Taban Alfred) helped him with SSP 300 and he also contributed SSP 200 which hegenerated through his small business of charging phones. 

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