Gov’t urged to advance coronavirus awareness

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Health Ministry has been asked to extend awareness on the coronavirus (COVID-19) to all the States in order to sensitize the public on some key preventive measures.

Guot Gabriel Manyang, Chairperson of Greater Upper Nile Concerned Youth for Peace and Stability said that there was no enough available information on coronavirus infection and prevention in the communities.

According to Manyang, there was need for the Ministry of Health to scale up awareness and preparedness to the locals who do not have information about the coronavirus.   

“The level of advocacy should be increased and put into local national languages through the radios and other media outlets so that people get aware about the details of coronavirus and how they should prevent themselves,” Manyang stated.

He said more people are becoming worried about the coronavirus because they do not have enough information.

Mr. Manyang also called on the international partners to intervene and work together with local stakeholders to further more awareness to the locals.  

“This awareness should be done on radios using national local languages to educate the public on how to prevent the virus,” Manyang concluded.  

He encouraged the public not to panic of the virus but rather observe the health guidelines issued by the health officials.

Dr. Angok Gordon Kuol, the Incidence Manager for COVID 19 Preparedness at the Ministry of Health said that the awareness messages on COVID 19 have been designed but they lack resources.

 “The communication department has already developed messages and they are still under translation but the challenge is the availability of resources for us to start scaling up those messages at the State’s and counties levels,” he cited.

According to Dr. Kuol, the sensitization of locals would commence immediately if the question of resources was resolved.

“Once we have available resources, the team of communication will be sent to start sensitization and make all the messages available to everybody,” he concluded.

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