Gov’t, Turkish Embassy to sign fisheries and livestock agreement

By William Madouk Garang

The national Ministry of Livestock & Fisheries and  the Turkish Embassy in South Sudan are to sign aMemorandum of Understanding (MOU) to utilize the enormous livestock, fisheries and poultry in orderto achieve food security, nutrition, better living and enhancement of the economy.

This was revealed yesterday, in a meeting organized by the Turkish Embassy and attended by the Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec, as well as the representative of South Sudan Banker’s Association, Food Agricultural Organization (FAO) of United Nation, African Development Bank (ADB) among others.

The meeting discussed areas of cooperation such as technical support,  trade and export, sharing technology, capacity building and improving South Sudan’s foreign trade.. 

Speaking to journalists, the Minster of Livestock & Fisheries, Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec said that this was a follow-up meeting which they had with Turkish Embassy and that the MOU would benefit the Country.

“It’s a follow-up meeting which I think is very fruitful because we  are embarking on the areas of cooperation such as  livestock and fisheriesbetween the  Republic of Turkey and the Republic of South Sudan,” Nyikwec said.

“The MOU which we are going to sign soon with the Turkish government will help us to really move forward,” he added.

He also said that  the Bankers’ Association had accepted to give donation to communities which should organized in form ofcooperatives and associations.

The Turkish Envoy to South Sudan, Erdem Mutaf stated that they have finalized the MOU and it is expected to be signed soon in Ankara or Juba.

“We discussed  the problem of  fisheries and livestock in the country and South Sudan has a great potential that need to be utilized with modern technology,” Mutaf stressed.

“Of course, the signing of the MOU is the priorityfor us. We will be in touch with the Minister to arrange the signing of the MOU either in Turkey or Juba,” he added.

However, the Chairperson of South Sudan Bankers’s Association Bruna SiricioIro said that the main goal is to promote and support business communities.

“We have benefited a lot and we see importantissues of livestock and we know livestock is a hidden treasure,” Iro said.

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