Govt told to redouble efforts in fighting against raging hunger –activist

By Ayuel Chan

The government has been urged to exert more efforts on the fight to end food insecurity in the country.

This comes after a recent joint report by Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) and World Food Program (WFP) revealed that South Sudan alongside Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Yemen topped alist of the world’s hungriest countries.

The report published on last week indicated that acute food insecurity in the country was likely to deteriorate further and could possibly lead to famine in some parts of South Sudan.

Edmund Yakani, civil society activist and executive of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), asked the government to draw up clear majors to alleviate millions of people already displaced by flash floods and other disasters from hunger in the next three months.

“We are only left with two months for the rains to start again and yet the government is quiet on any contingency plans or response to floods,’’ Yakani saidYakani urgingPresident Salva Kiir’s administration to be transparent and accountable for the previous $10 million dollar allocation for disaster relief in the country.

“There is no public information whether the ten million has been released or not but we are getting reliable information that the money has already been used but what it’s been used for or the outcome or the results is something we didn’t see.

“So, for the sake of transparency and accountability and to strengthen the response to flood victims and flood situation we need to know what the money was used for,” the activist appealed.

Mr. Yakani further urged the parliament and the executive to come up with an urgent plan that would address the raging hunger and the expected floods in the coming rain season.

“I think the government needs to start buying and storing emergency food in the areas that are affected by flooding and hunger so that they can come to the rescue of these people,” Yakani advised.

Early this month, news reports revealed that about 3000 people fled their villages in Kapoeta East of Eastern Equatoria State with others believed to have crossed into Ethiopia to escape extreme hunger in the area.

According to UNCHR, over 700,000 people were displaced last year by what is called the worst floods in decades across South Sudan.

The recent FAO and WFP assessment on hunger and early warnings on acute food insecurity from February to May revealed that the magnitude and severity of already very high levels of acute food insecurity in SouthSudan was likely to worsen further.

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