Gov’t told to focus on health and agriculture

By Ganiko Samson Jerry

The Government has been urged to focus on opening more health intuitions and food production to curb the surging economy in the country.

This appeal was made by the Kajo-KejiHealth Institute students in Uganda.

Lagu Michael,a South Sudanese student toldJuba Monitor in Arua that there were only five trained midwiferies when he joined the Ministry of Health in 2006.

He said the numbers of health workers in SouthSudan arevery few saying it would be wise for the government to produce more healthpersonnel to help the country.

“There are many South Sudanese in the diaspora who have that interest of establishing schools but there is war everywhere,”Michael added.

Lagu added that the government should invest more on agriculture instead of putting more budgets onweapons.

“It is very hard to get trained clinical officers in some of the government hospitals in our country, where we still have community health workers at the base line of traditional lab attendance which still exist,” he said.

He said government need to put enough fund in order to sendstudents to further medical studies.

Mizeredi Margaret,a student studying Diploma in clinical medicine and public health said financial constraint is a factor making students not to study.

“When I go back to my country, I am going to pass the knowledge to save lives of my country people,” Margret explained.

Juan Emily 23, a third-year student pursuingdiploma in clinical medicine and public Health, said she escaped to Uganda due to war in 2016.

Juan stated that many people in South Sudan are still not having proper health service.

Lou Louis Koboji, the Director of the Institution said the school was opened in 2013 with the mission of improving health care in South Sudan.

Lou said the school was forced to relocate to exile after it lost two students followingtheconflict which broke out in 2016 in the country.

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