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Gov’t told to address issues of pastoralist and farmers

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Executive Director for community empowerment for progress organization Edmund Yakani yesterday told the government to address the conflicting issues between Pastoralist and farmers in Eastern Equatoria and the Southern part of Central Equatoria.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Yakani called on the government to renew the 2017 order with task force to execute the order.

“Am appealing to his excellency the President to renew the 2017 order with ‘task force’ to establish and execute the order and am also appealing to the Speaker of Parliament to raise a quick motion and to form a committee to visit the States where this issues {disagreement} are happening and to listen to the voices of the citizens in relation between pastoralist and farmers who are facing the conflicting issues in the ground,”he said.

However, he also added by revealing the ongoing propaganda and hate speech which he said is causing the insecurities and needs to be addressed urgently.

“This issues of the rampant present of armed pastoralist in the communities of farmers is becoming a big issue in Eastern Equatoria and Southern part of Central Equatoria, currently there are ongoing of Hate speech and hostile propaganda, accusation left and right about people mobilizing arms to revenge against the other, that is why am appealing to the government to address this urgently,” he stressed.

Recently the returnees complained about the presence of cattle’s in Eastern Equatoria, saying it hinders and threatens life and food security.

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