Gov’t told not to interfere with private sector

By: Martha David

The business community in South Sudan has urged the government to lift its hands from the private sector.

The group raised the concerns during their meeting with the National Dialogue Steering Committee in Juba yesterday.

Ayii Duang Ayii, Chairperson of Union of Business Owners said some government officials are involved in both public and private sectors.

He urged them to stick to one sector and leave the private sector to business people.

“When a person is a minister and the manager of a company at the same time who will be accountable? Ayii asked.

“We want the minister, director or the undersecretary to do their own work and to leave the contracts job to the private sector and for them is to monitor in case of any crime, someone should be held accountable,” Ayii added.

He urged the public sector to lift their hand from the private sector.

Zakaria Deng Majok, representative of the Airline Operators Union said the leaders in the country were undermining the nationals and giving the chance to foreigners.

“We need the support of our government to achieve what we want to achieve,” he added.

Deng said this country cannot go ahead if there is no rule of law and justice.

Deng Deng Gang, the representative of clearance agencies in South Sudan said the business work in the country has been occupied by foreigners.

“Our work has been taken by the foreigners,” he added.

He said some officials are employing foreigners and when you ask them they call the person who employed them to speak on their behalf.

Deng pointed out that the goods which are being exported out of the country were no longer our goods because they did not have the seal and bond of the country.

He called on the government to train youth in business instead of politics

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