GOV’T-To resolve frictions in states

By John Agok

Jemma Nunu Kumba, the acting Secretary General of the ruling party SPLM, has assured the public that the unity government will resolve frictionbetween some governors and their deputies at the states level.

In statement at a press conference on Thursday, Nunu said there had been a sharp disagreement between some governors and their deputies witnessed in some states including administrative areas in the country.

Kumba revealed that they had already resolved one of the contentious issues,among them, the appointment of Mayors in states.

In a meeting chaired by the first vice president, Dr. RiekMacharwho is in charge of the governance cluster, it was agreed that if the mayor was from SPLM party, the two deputies had to be from SPLM /IO and SSOA respectively

“This appointment of Mayor is one of the contentious issues which sparked off conflict of interest between states top officials. We resolved it during the meeting chaired by Dr. Machar who is in charge of governance cluster that, the position of Mayor will be deputized by two deputies from SPLM/IO and SSOA respectively,”she said.

Ms. Kumba also suggested that there was need for political orientation in building confidence and trust among themselves as state officials andto believe in delivering services to the people. A view that was embraced by the governance cluster.

“I think with time, trust-building among state officials will be a reality. There is still fear of unknown among themselves that hinder cooperation and collective work. However, if this orientation initiative happens, they will surely work together in harmony,”she concluded.

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