Gov’t to relieve public from the high cost of electricity

By John Agok / Fatuma Asha

The Ministry of Electricity and Dams yesterday tabled a report on the high cost of electricity in Juba before the council of ministers meeting.

The cabinet has adopted a resolution to revive the local refinery on crude oil in Bentiu to rescue the public from the high cost of electricity.

The Minister of Electricity reminded the council of Ministers of the reason why prices of electricity skyrocketed was due to purchasing power from abroad by companies like JEDCO. The government has taken initiative to have its own refinery of crude oil to produce energy than relying on business companies.

Speaking to the media after the Cabinet meeting, the government spokesperson Michael Makuei Lueth said in their Any Other Business meeting, the Ministry of Electricity and Dams has brought to the attention of the Cabinet on how electricity prices in Juba have gone up.

Lueth revealed that the Minister reported on how Electricity companies like JEDCO decried on purchasing energy from abroad.

He also noted on resolutions and recommendations taken as alternatives by the government to rescue the situation.

“The minister of Electricity and Dams has reported the high cost of electricity as the result of purchasing power from abroad. Therefore, the cabinet has adopted a recommendation on how to revive local refinery of crude oil in Unity to salvage the situation”. He said. 

The Country’s capital Juba is being supplied with power by only one Power station known as JEDCO. The JEDCO electricity prices are unbearable to its clients signaling public outcry.

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