Gov’t to recruit French teachers from DRC

French speaking students pose for a photo during the Francophone

celebration in Juba (Photo: Moses Gum)

By Moses Gum

The Minister of General Education and Instructions, Deng Deng Hoc has revealed that the government has signed an agreement with the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC] to recruit French teachers for South Sudan.

Minister Deng said French will be one of the languages to be introduced in South Sudan starting from primary five to senior four.

“We have already signed a memorandum of understanding with DRC to recruit teachers who know French language to come and teach our children,” minister Deng said during the celebration of the Francophone week at the French Institute, University of Juba on Wednesday.

“We shall do so for the purpose of having expert teachers of French for the next generation,” he added.

Deng said knowing foreign languages including French would enable South Sudanese interact more with foreign citizens and it would develop them in to good citizens.

The Minister said knowing the language in South Sudan helps in improving equitable access to equality education.

“South Sudan is among the countries that missed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The target is to have all children educated in the current Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and that is why I feel proud to introduce the French language,” Deng explained.

He revealed that about 6000 French speaking teachers will be recruited in the coming years to teach students in South Sudan French language.

The Ambassador of France to South Sudan, Jean Yves Roux said French can be considered a global language for people.

“The language is widely spoken in the world. 220 million people are speaking it globally. So it is important for South Sudan to learn,” Ambassador Roux said.

He described French as a language of culture and knowledge, saying French is taught as a foreign language in almost every national education system.

“It is the most widely learnt language after English. It is taught by half a million teachers to 120 million pupils. So South Sudan should adapt the system,” he encouraged.

The French speaking world accounts for 15 percent of global wealth, 12 percent of the international trade.

The language is being spoken by South Sudan neighbours including DRC and Central African Republic.

The Francophone Day celebration was marked with key speeches, song, music and poems using French language.

Members of the diplomatic community, teachers and the school children attended the occasion at Juba University.

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