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Gov’t to prioritize youth empowerment: Minister Deng

Deng Deng Hoc Minister of General Education and Instructions (L), Alain Noudehou, Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (C) and Dr. Albino Bol the President of the South Sudan National Youth Union (photo by Woja Emmanuel Wani):

By Woja Emmanuel Wani

South Sudan Minister of General Education and Instructions has reiterated that the government has an initiative of youth empowerment as part of achieving the sustainable development goals.

Speaking during the national youth conference yesterday in Juba, education Minister Deng Deng Hoc said that the government is committed to invest in youth for sustainable development.

“We are committed to empowering our youth because by empowering the youth you are actually serving the majority of the people of South Sudan so it is important and we are firmly committed to that,” Minister Deng said.

Deng added that the youth are the change agents for national development and they are the ones with the country in their hands.

He called on the youth to support all endeavors put forward by the government to realize sustainable peace and national development.

Meanwhile the Deputy Special Representative of the Un Secretary-General Mr. Alain Noudehou said that youth participation in peace restoration and national development should be considered seriously.

He said the future of South Sudan lies on the hands of the youth, and that it was crucial to hear from the youth regarding their aspirations and issues of national concern.

“We need to include their block into decision making processes and also planning process of this country,” Mr. Noudehou said. “It is therefore crucial to involve them in peace building and developing instructions and also hear from them regarding their aspirations, their concerns and the visions that they have for the future of this country.”

He reiterated that the in the next few years, most of theyouth will be the workforce for the nation adding that the government and development partners such as the UN and civil society organizations should consider youth participation to make them productive.

The President of the South Sudan National Youth Union, Dr. Albino Bol however stressed that the culture of early marriage and looking at girls as wealth should be prohibited.

He also said that the government and its development partners should consider setting up vocational institutions to strengthen the youth with vital skills for national development.


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