Gov’t to net SSP 74 billion in non-oil revenues this year

By James Atem Kuir

The government has projected to collect an impressive 74 billion South Sudanese Pounds (SSP) in non-oil revenues at the end of the financial year 2021/2022 after having exceeded the initial target of 58 billion within the past 8 months.

Marial Dongrin Ater, National Revenue Authority (NRA) Deputy Commissioner for Research and Planning, announced the tremendous improvement in non-oil revenue collection during the opening of a two-day workshop on the operationalization of one-stop-shop for administering shared revenue sources and mechanism between the NRA and state revenue authorities at Palm Africa hotel yesterday.

“Starting with 2019/2020, NRA in 12 months period, was able to collect 28 billion, and in 2020/2021, the revenue target for that fiscal year was 44 billion but what was actually collected at the end of the period was 47 billion,” the official said as he presented the NRA’s performance during the past three years.

“Now when we come to the current fiscal year, NRA has been given a target of 58 billion to collect but as I said, we are now 8 months into the financial and given the growth rate of the 8 months, we are likely to finish at SSP 74 billion. We will have exceeded our target by 11 billion which is a good performance,” Mr Ater stressed.

He said that the revenue collection has increased by 146 percent over the past three years as the national tax agency, NRA continues to streamline tax collection.

“So, if you compare the three years in what was estimated and actual collections, you will realize that over the three years, our target as national revenue authority was supposed to be 102 billion South Sudanese Pounds but so far, we have collected SSP 149 billion, that is about 146 percent achievement,” he said.

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