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Gov’t to implement national dialogue findings

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster, Rebecca Nyanydeng has reiterated government commitment in implementing the ongoing national dialogue conference recommendations and its findings.

 Nyanydeng said South Sudanese need to understand that the power of people is stronger than leaders, adding that it was high time for them to listen to their voices and accept whatever the say.

“We need to make sure that what comes out of this national dialogue conference is accepted and implemented by our government. If we implement the national dialogue findings and recommendations we will remove the weed of heat and replace it with love and unity and patriotism,” VP Nyanydeng said.

Nyanydeng was addressing the delegates of national dialogue at Freedom Hall yesterday in Juba.

She said most of South Sudanese suffered from the symptoms related to intergenerational transformation of collective historical trauma after the country went to such brutal and giving liberation war.

She further revealed that war made South Sudanese mistreated each other on tribal bases which eroded social fabric in the country and people never got time as a nation to discuss the underline historical hostilities.

“For those reasons national dialogue becomes practical task on understanding the causes and treatment of the historical trauma in the country. Let’s own these national dialogue together, in this case it can help us to understand that the transformation of trauma is complex process.”

She held that national dialogue will allow people to become more aware of their traumatic past and become better, connected to themselves and the world.

“Dialoguing is participatory strength and if it is strength itself, all of us must recognized it, but the problem of South Sudan is none implementing factors weather those things that are going to be implemented, the problem is not literature or information,” she narrated.

VP Nyanydeng called on country’s leaders to come together to discuss their political and ideological difference.

“If the vision of the past does not define us, if we are not allowing our difference to reform heat of one another, this nation will change to more generously and unproductive in peace making. Love and unity will disconnect us from the bad things we have done to each other lets us yond for friendship and unity among ourselves.”       

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