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Gov’t to establish Blood Banks in 32 states

The national Minister of Health said there is plan to extend Blood Transmission Services and Banks in all the 32 states including Abyei administrative area.

Riak Gai Kok said the country did have any blood bank since 1956 and was only established two years ago.

“After the 2013 conflict many victims were in need of blood and this could not happen as there were no people willing to donate blood,” he said. “Most of the victims died”.

Dr. Kok said it was only the Kenyan President who rescued the country by donating blood which he said it saved many lives at Juba military hospital.

He said since people have learned the importance of blood donation, their work in the Ministry of Health has greatly improved.

The minister made the remarks yesterday during the World Blood Donors’ Day in which he directed his undersecretary and the other officials to ensure the establishment of blood banks across the country.

“The aims of having blood banks in the thirty two states is to make it easy  for people who are in the states to get the blood quickly because a sick person who is in need of blood and lives in Boma or Lakes state cannot reach Juba on time,” he said.

Dr. Kok said blood donation is very important, “if you donate blood to a pregnant mother, it means you have rescued the live of the woman and her child who is inside her womb”.

By Asunta Alith



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