Gov’t to control small arms

An official from the Ministry of Interior, Bureau for Community Security and Small Arms Control has reiterated government’s commitment to control small arms and light weapons in the country.

Earlier this month, civil society organizations and women groups called on the government to prevent small arms and light weapons from reaching the public which they said it is hampering peace and development, posing security threats, and as well distract provision of basic services.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, John Chiek Bum the director for capacity building expressed government’s commitment to address the wide spread of small arms in the hands of civilians and the insecurity associated with their misuse.

He said the government has recognized the risk of uncontrolled small arms in the hands of people and therefore wants to address the daunting, complex and challenging situations caused by years of war that led to militarization of communities holding illegal arms that they use to settle disputes through violence.

“ Yes I want to assure the public that the government has established the Bureau for community security and small arms control as a national coordinating body mandated to harmonize and facilitate all issues related to community security and small arms control to ensure that there is peaceful community”.

Bum said the aim of establishing the institution is to tackle the problem of proliferation of small arms and light weapons which are used in inter-communal conflicts, cattle rustling, abduction, robbery and other crimes throughout the states and counties across the country.

“In finding solutions to this complex set of challenges, the government has developed fire arm act, enacted, ascended into law by the President,” he said.

Bum added that his ministry has developed an implementation strategy to train persecutors, Judges, military and border police on how to control small arms and light weapons in the hands of public.

He said arms are not allowed to be used by unauthorized people and called on the public to take small arms control as a national agenda and embark in fighting the misuse.

Amadi state member of parliament, Hannah Lona Bona called on law makers to speed up the implementation strategy of small arms control and light weapons to stop arms violence, robbery and random killing.

She said the presence of many arms in the country have incriminated lives and imposed restriction of basic needs, increased insecurity and looming hunger and endangered lives young people making them always  victims of death.

She called on the organized forces to minimize the use of guns in public places to avoid panic.

By Moses Gum Degur

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