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Gov’t to beautify Juba City

By Atimaku Joan

Juba City Mayor Kalisto Lado Faustino on Wednesday promised that he was in the process of beautifying the country’s capital c, but not on a destruction mission.

Addressing the media at the Seventh-day round about in Juba, Mayor Kalisto said that the ongoing demolition was not a destruction but was the process of organizing the beautification of the City.

“It is not destruction, this is an ongoing process of organizing Juba, and we are trying to beautify Juba,” said Lado.

He revealed that the council had planned to expand the road, plant trees and flowers at the sides of the road, and ensure that water pipes reached all the residential areas as well as the electric poles.

He stated that their next cause of action within this week would be heading to Tongping near Juba Regency Hotel and Goshen House to demolish buildings which had encroached on the road because of thecongestion along that area, especially when there was an event taking place at the hotels.

He added that they didn’t have any problem with people who constructed plots at the designated areas as required by the city bylaws.

The Mayorcondemned the mismanagement of the environment, especially dumping of garbage along the roads in Gudele two saying that the area did not fall under his Jurisdiction, therefore it was not part of his responsibilities.

He also added that he believed that there would be a collaboration with Commissioner, ministers and the governor of Central Equatoria to ensure that all the illegal practices and mismanagement of the environment in Gudele two was addressed.

He advised the traders in Gudele two(2) area to abide by the law and to practice all commercial activities inside the legalized shops before the intervention of the authorities concerned.

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