GOV’T to be formed with or without IGAD

By: Nema Juma

The government has confirmed that the expected unity government will be formed with or without IGAD as fresh fears and doubts surge on whether the extended February 22 deadline will be met.

Discussions on the number of states and boundaries yet again hit another deadlock with the government maintaining its position on the 32 states.

The IGAD led meeting in Addis between the government and the opposition to try to resolve the deadlock bore no results. The Government has instantly rejected the IGAD proposal to reduce the number of stats to 23 Plus Abyei Administrative Area.

Government spokesperson Michael Makuei Lueth insisted that the new government would be formed even without resolving the issues while the Opposition has also rejected any formation of a new government without resolving the states issue.

“We are saying the government should be established….maintain the current status quo of the 32 states and after that this inclusive Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGoNU) will now decide  whether to go for a referendum or to extend it or to push it to a constitution making process,”  he said on Saturday after the consultation was adjourned.

“If rejected by the opposition, then we go immediately for a popular consultation which we can do now…the government will be formed whether IGAD likes it or not.”

Makuei instead accused the IGAD Ministers of being bias against the government on the states’ issue.

“The minister of IGAD talked freely and they decided to dance to the tune of the opposition…of the SPLM/A IO and they recommended that the government should come down and establish 23 states plus Abyei …there was no reasons given,”  Makuei said.

“The government is to continue and establish the R-TGoNU in time as in the agreement, there is no more extension and any other outstanding issues will be addressed by the inclusive government.”

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