Gov’t to attract investors in Agriculture sector

Minister of Trade, Industry and East African Affairs Paul Mayom Akech speaking to journalists (File photo by Kidega Livingstone)

By Kidega Livingstone

The Government through the Ministry of Trade, Industry and African Community Affairs promised to attract more investors in Agriculture sector in order for South Sudan to produce more food products.

Speaking during the opening of the “2nd Made in South Sudan exhibition” at Nyakuron Cultural Centre yesterday, the Minister of Trade and Industry Mr. Paul Mayom Akech said that government will put more effort for the development of Agriculture because it is the only sector that encourages the Country to compete globally in the production of quality goods.

“We will encourage business in Agriculture to be on top of all other businesses. We urge institutions to encouraged agriculture investors because South Sudan has enough and quality agriculture products. We know South Sudan depends on oil but this exhibition indicates that we depend on Agriculture because the investors in this Country are vibrant,” said Mayom.

“It’s my pride and the pride of South Sudanese to have the 2nd Made in South Sudan exhibition. We are proud as South Sudanese and government because this will lead us to compete regionally,” he added.

He emphasized that the Ministry of Trade, Industry and East African Affairs has been facing challenges to promote investors and entrepreneurs in their own interest because of the Insecurity and economic crisis in the Country.

He said the investors who want to invest in Agriculture need government to help by putting infrastructure as first priority in order for Agriculture products to reach the entire region where the demand is high by the consumers and manufactures.

“We will ask Agriculture Bank to make sure that food produce in one region should reach another region. This can happen when there are good roads linking producers and consumers,” he said.

He appealed to Troika, Members of IGAD states and other International Community to be attentive in the implementation of the Revitalised Peace Agreement for stability so that investors would come to South Sudan.

Meanwhile Factories and Industries Representative Ms. Jean Kani Gordon said that exhibition has given them to share the experience .She said members from the factories and Industries have prepared some few things they have made to go and showcase in China next month.

“Our products will take us to other parts of the World for competition because of its quality,” said Ms Jean.

There are over forty factories operating in Juba producing varieties of products such as bottle and Jerry cans, Water Tank, Juice, Alcohol and soft drinks, Tobacco and Cigarette, Honey and Food snacks, butter and cosmetic, furniture and many others.



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