Gov’t to address statelessness

By Atimaku Joan

The Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality Passport and Immigration is ready to address the issue of statelessness in the country.

A document extended to Juba Monitor by UNHCR revealed that many people were stateless worldwide and therefore they were not considered as nationals by any country under the operation of law. Hence it was referred as an invisible problem as the victims of statelessness are often unseen and unheard.

People without identity are often not allowed to go to schools, see a doctor, get a job, open a bank account, buy a house and even get married. They’re also denied the rights that have impacts not only for their individual concerned, but also the society at large as excluding an entire sector of the population may lead to social tensions and significantly impair economic and social development.

When speaking during the 7thanniversary of the I Belong campaign under the theme ‘Nationality Documentation and Reduction of the risk of statelessness in South Sudan’, the Deputy Director of Training and Human Resource Development in the Directorate of Immigration Lt. Col. Akoc Akuei Manheim said that there were many challenges in trying to address statelessness as the country is ready to rule out the problem.

“South Sudan is ready, we are cultural oriented to accept the people in the society although we don’t have a formal registration whoever that lives with you as a guest in your own society is well treated and we are also absorbing that culture in our own constitution,” said the Deputy Director.

He explained that the government is willing to work with UNHCR to wipe away statelessness but the insecurity may cause inconvenience for the process.

He mentioned that conflict of laws, discrimination, displacement, denationalization and lack of birth registratio nwere among the causes of statelessness in the country.

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