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Gov’t to address renewed inter-ethnic violence in Greater Jonglei

By Fatuma Asha AIi

The office of President Salva Kiir Mayardit has said that the government intends to address the renewed inter-ethnic violence between communities in greater Jonglei.

The development came after a recent attack in Baidit Payam, Bor County, Jonglei State that left at least 32 people dead and scores injured over the weekend. The attack was carried out by suspected armed youths from Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) according to Jonglei authorities.

Following the incident, top government officials including the Minister of Interior, Mahmoud Solomon Agok and Inspector General of Police, Majak Akech Maloktogether with Jonglei State authorities, visited Baidit to assess the damage caused by the fighting.

In a statement posted on the presidential press unit page, the Minister of Interior Mahmoud Solomon said the delegation had informed the inhabitants of Bor town that the government’s intention was to resolve the recurring violence in the restive region.

“We informed the people of Bor town of the government’s intervention to address the situation happening in Baidit and also in the church in Bor town,” he said

Meanwhile, CEPO’s field coordinator positioned in Uror County Mr Samuel Chan Wany described Sunday’s attack in Baidit as a distressing situation for Greater Jonglei state.

He called on the National Government together with the Government of Jonglei state plus the leadership of Greater Pibor Administrative Area to intervene and bring such attacks to an end.

“It’s my wish that the perpetrators of this ruthless incident are gotten and brought to face justice for what they have done to the blameless residents of Baidit Payam in Bor County, once this happens, the mind-set of  revenge attack  in future  will be controlled, Samuel said.

To Peace partners working in Greater Jonglei state and Greater Pibor Administrative Area, let us join hands with the local authorities by organizing peace building conferences  across Jonglei state to sensitize the community members in the state. If this call is taken into consideration by peace partners, the community members in Jonglei state will have the chance to speak and provide a way forward to end these communal conflicts, he added.

Mr EdmundYakani, Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), also urged the government to swiftly apprehend the offenders who took the lives of innocent residents of Baidit Payam to face books of law.

The leadership of Community Empowerment for Progress organization (CEPO) declared willingness toconvene and support social cohesion forum for key politicians of Greater Jonglei in Juba to help resolve the ever-recurringinter-communal violence in the restive region.

The neighboring communities of Dinka Bor, Nuer and Murle have for decades been engaged in inter-communal clashes often as a result of cattle raids, revenge, child abduction and territorial ownership, among others.

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