Gov’t, SPLA-IO on peace mission to Southern Liech

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The dissemination of peace message to local communities has started in Southern Liech following a joint delegation, visiting the state

The one day visit was for both leaders from the principal parties to peace agreement to see how they could come together with civil population as they prepare to conduct the rally in the coming days.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone yesterday, Southern Liech Minister of Information and Culture, Nyuon Joseph confirmed that a team comprising of Northern Liech state Governor Joseph Nguen Monytuil and Opposition Governor Tongor Sudan the People Liberation Army in Opposition [SPLA-IO] whowere received by Stephen Teker Riak Dong governor of Southern Liech State.

“Our country has been fighting for so long and we need to sing one song of peace. Speak peace and denounce violence as well as calling people to hold leaders accountable so that we can work together in monitoring the implementation on the peace agreement and go back home to stay in peaceful environment” said Nyuon.

Minister Nyuon  pointed out that in the next two weeks to come ta big peace disseminate celebration will be held in Leer capital.

“We want to disseminate peace agreement to our citizens so that they will own peace implementation,” said Nyuon.

He added that there were some changes from the civilians who left the country during the war in 2013.  Those who were in the Internally Displaced Camps are now returning back home.

The Minister revealed that last month twenty civilians returned from protection of civilians ‘sites. “We urged civilians who are still in refugees and Internally Displaced camps to come back home”, Nyuon said.




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