Gov’t signs pact for development of National park

Government officials pose for pictures after the signing of MoU

By Emelda siama John

The government has signed a memorandum of understanding with Enjojo foundation to develop the protected areas of  Lantoto National Park and Kediopo game reserve in a ceremony at Pyramid Hotel yesterday.

The undersecretary for Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, Peter Loro Alberto said that the signing of MoU with Enjojo foundation is a non-profit organization legally registered in South Sudan and working in the field of the wildlife specialized in protected areas mark, an important achievement of the leadership of the ministry.

“Our hope and wish are to see to it that a tangible cooperation, collaboration, transparency, development and real support to the protected areas in order to ensure long term conservation and management of protected areas,” he said.

“The company contributes to the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for creation, rehabilitation and management of the protected areas and Ecotourism sector development of Lantoto N.P and Kediopo Game reserve,” Loro added. 

He stated that Lantoto National Park was gazette in 1986 covering an area of 760km. It lies between latitude 40-30 north and longitude 290, 54E on the western side of Yei, Maridi road and boarding Garamba National Park of DRC, he said.

The vegetation of the Park is predominantly woodland, forest and open glades, important wildlife species include elephants, Buffalos, Giraffe, Chimpanzees, Bushbuck and Duiker, he added.

He revealed that Kediopo game reserves are situated in the southwest of Eastern Equatoria State with a lot of potential in wildlife species that includesElephant, Buffalos, Lion, leopard, Reed Buck and so many others.

Meanwhile, the Founder and Executive Director of Enjojo foundation, Kriskien Debref said the diverse 64 different tribes of South Sudan, each with their own rich cultures, languages, cultures dance, habits, and traditional, extremely beautiful and interesting are very rich heritage which can attract big cultural tourism.

“South Sudan has a big variety of biodiversity and ecosystem, it has 6 National Park and 12games reserves in a different landscape,” she said.

She noted that from the plateaus, grasslands, wooden savannah to plane savannah, mountain, rainforest, and wetlands, rivers, the parks and reserves are habitat for much wildlife such as Elephants, Buffalos, Lions, Wild Dogs, forest Hogs,Chimpanzees, Bongo and eared Kob. The biggest migration of animals in the world is happening in Boma National park, she added.

“But conflict over natural resources, increase of illegal wildlife trafficking and increased poaching on a too large scale and the acceleration of climate changes, all these challenges to keep and protect the wildlife in South Sudan,” she cited.

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