Gov’t should protect citizens from Coronavirus

Anna Nimiriano
Editor in Chief
Juba Monitor

The Ministry of Health should prevent coronavirus from entering South Sudan. It is not only Chinese who should be restricted; all countries in the world that have records or their people have been affected by Coronavirus should not be allowed to enter South Sudan.

On the other hand, the People of South Sudan should be restricted from travelling abroad. The number of Countries affected was estimated to be 60 according to the information published in the newspapers. Every day there is new information on new countries affected or number of people died globally. It is common to get coronavirus at the boarders and international Airports.

For example, Ethiopian Airlines is connecting several countries in the world. Many people are connecting flights from Addis Ababa and others which are dangerous to us as neighbors. We are still poor in terms of technology; we need to take prevention measures against Coronavirus. Up to now there is no vaccination against the virus. The most developed countries are suffering on what to do. It looks like it is a punishing disease in the world where it doesn’t know whether you are old or young, poor or rich.

Above all let us pray to God to protect people of South Sudan. Last year Ebola broke out in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), people of South Sudan prayed to God, nothing happened to us. Let us also pray for the Coronavirus and the protection of the people of South Sudan. God would make His miracle to prevent us.

We cannot worry but to stop movement to those countries including our leaders and Diplomats in those affected countries. I am happy with the way the Ministry of Health was handling the issue of Ebola at the Airport. The same procedures should be applied to Coronavirus in the country.

All these diseases are deadly in the world, we need to listen to the advice of Doctors and Health Care Centers in the country. The Ministry of Health should update civilians from time to time, as part of prevention. They should organize workshop and conferences to enlighten people about the signs of the disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) should inform the Ministry of Health to know whether it is increasing or decreasing in other countries. 

Those who have knowledge about the virus should inform family members on how to protect themselves.

May God bless us all.

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